Day 6 - Edinburgh

After a first great day/night in Edinburgh, we woke the next day and headed out to do some necessary errands. First we went to the bank, and then got some breakfast at a place that touted their "Great American Cuisine." (They had a hotdog with BBQ sauce and baked beans on it...not exactly what this American household is eating, but hey, each to their own:) The food was great, but the service was terrible. Luckily, the manager noticed and he took care of our tab! The picture to the right is the Scott Monument - one of the many gorgeous sites we saw on our walking adventure.
Once we finished eating, we headed to Leith, the area where Sean Connery once called home, and found a laundromat. It only took us about an hour to do laundry, and once we finished, we hopped in a taxi and drove back to the Royal Mile (High Street) to purchase tickets for our Highland Tour the next day.

Leith District

Along the Royal Mile were a few pipers looking for tips

After sorting out the details for our bus tour, we decided to take a tour of Edinburgh Castle. It was absolutely incredible and no words can describe how impressive it was. To give you an idea, on our way out, we walked passed one particularly steep side leading up the the castle and Jason said, "Even with today's current military equipment and technology, I wouldn't attack this place!" We were able to see the Crown Jewels and the Stone of Destiny, but unfortunately, no photography was allowed. Here are a few pictures from the Castle:

The views were absolutely incredible from all sides of the Edinburgh Castle!

After our tour, we stopped at a tartan weaving shop and picked up a dress for Reagan (which I'll put up pictures of later). We walked across the street and underwent The Scotch Whisky Experience! We received a comprehensive education on the production of Scotch Whisky and even got to taste some. Here are a couple pictures from that adventure:

The Scotch Whisky Experience houses the largest Scotch collection in the world!! 

By this point, we were ready for some dinner, so we went to Tang, an Asian restaurant not far from the Grassmarket. Jason had Ramen and a duck sushi roll (pictured left), and I had a tempura tuna roll. It was one of the best meals we ate! We headed to Biddy Mulligans for a pint and as we were both still hungry, we walked to Gennaro's next door (the Italian place we visited the night prior) for pizza. We finished off the night back at Biddy Mulligans where we enjoyed live music. Another great night in Scotland!


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