Ode To Carnitas

Ok, so it's not really an ode, but I HAD to write a post about my newest favorite meal:) As most of you know, when Jason is home, he is my personal gourmet chef on Saturdays! We typically make a trip to Harris Teeter (the "good" grocery store) and then he spends most of the day cooking for me!

This weekend, we selected carnitas (Mexican pulled pork). We headed down to Hampstead where we picked up some tequila, a pork butt and yellow corn tortillas, and a few other items. Then we returned home where Jason worked his kitchen magic!

When the pork was done baking in the Dutch oven, he removed it and "pulled" it in a mixing bowl. Then came the most important step: he placed the pulled pork onto a broiler pan and placed it under the broiler for several minutes until it was perfect!

Here's what it looked like just out of the broiler

He served it in corn tortillas with chopped onion, cilantro, cheese, and half of a lime. As soon as we sat down and tried our first bite, Jason said, "Get rid of these sh$%^y tortillas, we're having meat salad!" Naturally, I obliged and it was the best move...tortillas were just taking up room in my stomach:)  It was absolutely one of the best meals I've ever had. And to prove just how delicious I thought it was, here's the recap of Sunday:

Woke up and made a carnitas scramble with eggs, pork, cheese, and jalapenos. Did work in the yard. Washed the cars. For dinner pretended to eat a breast of fried chicken, but surreptitiously placed it to the side and snuck into the fridge where I found leftover mac n' cheese to mix with more carnitas. 

Sadly, it's almost all gone. But luckily, I think I can convince Jason to add this to the list of "go-to meals!"

Do I have the best husband or what?!


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