Day 12 - Cliffs of Moher

On our second day in Dublin, we awoke before the crack of dawn and headed to McDonald's for a quick breakfast before meeting our tour bus.

We drove out to King John's castle in Limerick where we hopped out and took a few pictures.

The weather was awful - cold and rainy - but that didn't deter our sightseeing adventures. We continued on to the Cliffs of Moher where we were allowed to wander around, grab lunch, and take some pictures for about an hour and 45 minutes. We bought an umbrella to help with the photos, but they didn't turn out all that great:

On our drive home, we stopped at the Burren, an amazing formation of limestone rocks. There are large "boulders" all over the Burren that are leftover from glaciers moving over the land and depositing them. 

We also stopped quickly at the ruins of St. Mary's of the Fertile Rock:

Finally, we returned to Dublin, and with a light mist still falling, we wandered around the Temple Bar district and saw some interesting things:

We were there during TradFest (a music festival that brings lots of vendors into the streets)

Lots of these sights around the city - guess everyone has to make a living

I couldn't resist getting a picture with this guy:)

We at dinner at an "American" restaurant called the Thunderroad Cafe. On our walk home, we stopped here:

and grabbed a bottle of champagne to take back to the hotel. All in all, despite the miserable weather, we made the most of our second day in Dublin.


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