Days 9 & 10 - Belfast, Ireland

After an uneventful first night in Glasgow, we were kind of ready to leave Scotland, but not before a nice jog around the city and along the River Clyde. We headed back to the hotel, changed and then walked across the street to Roland Butter for sandwiches, soup, and crisps. (side note: eating in the restaurant cost approx. 50 pence more per item!) After a quick bite, we hopped in a taxi and arrived at Glasgow International Airport where we found a very unusual site:

Yup, there was a grocery store inside the airport! Complete with produce and meat sections. While we waited, we had some beers at the Wetherspoon Bar and then hopped on a 30 minute flight from Glasgow to Belfast. Shortest flight ever!

We walked to the Park Inn and checked in for 2 nights:

Super colorful hotel!

We ended up walking around the area and ended up at The Basement Bar & Grill for a great meal and some football (aka soccer). We walked back to the hotel and made a "plan" for the following day. On the recommendation of the girl working the hotel front desk, we found ourselves at a nice place called The Apartment for brunch. It was quite lovely and we had a great view of City Hall:

Can't have brunch without champagne!

Jason had the ploughman's breakfast...a shmorgishborg of deliciousness

I had a heart attack on a bap (bun): 2 sausages, 2 huge rashers of bacon, and a fried egg. And yes, I ate the entire thing!

We moseyed back to the hotel and arranged to take a Black Taxi Tour around the political districts of Belfast. Our tour guide, Paddy Campbell, was incredible and did an excellent job of giving the details of each side (Catholics/Protestants) without swaying us either way. We hopped out at various locations for picture taking and some further explanation when warranted. Here are a few things we saw and a picture of us writing on the Peace Wall:

After the Black Taxi adventure, we stopped at the City Hall and took a tour of the inside:

Then we stopped at the train station to figure out how we were going to get to Dublin and hit an internet cafe for about 15 minutes to see if we had any news of the Weasel. We hung out at our hotel bar/restaurant for a bit and then (on the recommendation of the same front desk gal) ate dinner at the nearby Thai Village restaurant. The meal was delicious and we ended the night with a few pints and some live music at Fibber McGee's. 

We absolutely adored Belfast and despite the weather had a fantastic time!


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