Day 8 - Glasgow

We slept in the day after our Highlands tour and woke at 9 for a nice run around the hills of Edinburgh. We ran through Princess Garden, up to Calton Hill (the first public park in Scotland), and into a graveyard that housed the tomb of David Hume.

 Post run pics:)

We got back and showered quickly and hopped int a taxi to Waverly train station. We grabbed a quick bagel sandwich and then boarded the train to Glasgow. It was about a 50 minute ride. Once we arrived, we walked to the Premier Inn near George Square and checked into the hotel.

Super high bathtubs would make traveling difficult if you couldn't climb over it!

 We walked around a bit and got some lunch at Bar 91. We both had bacon lentil soup, and Jason had an Italian sausage burger and I ate black pudding and porkbelly salad. Then we visited the People's Palace (the strangest museum ever!) and walked around the Winter Gardens. Thankfully the admission was free, because neither was that great. It had been raining all day, so we didn't tote the camera with us either. We headed back to the hotel and Jason napped while I hit the gym for a bit. Then we went back out for dinner at the City Merchant. We had an amazing dinner (oysters, mushrooms on toast, Filet w/ chips, Collops of Filet w/ haggis mousse wrapped in parma ham on mashed potatoes). Then we returned to the hotel for the Ultimate Sharing Sundae, cocktails, and a bar video game. While we were in the bar, we witnessed a guy win 110 pounds from a gambling machine!

And here's the only picture we got in Glasgow (from our hotel room). We call it "8 Domes."


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