Christmas 2012

Christmas morning arrived and Reagan slept until about 6:30 (normal wake up time for her). We were all up and waiting for her, so that I could take pictures as she walked down the stairs to see that Santa came to visit! Reagan didn't have quite the reaction I was expecting, but she sure was one happy girl!

Once the coffee was made, we started opening presents. Reagan tried on some of the clothes that she got from GG (the vest on the right) and her pajamas from Aunt Lisa & Uncle Kevin (on the left). The pajamas were originally Aunt Lisa's when she was a little girl. She did a little mending of some buttons, but they are perfect for Reagan and so cute! It was such a beautiful present, enhanced by the card which included a picture of Aunt Lisa actually wearing the pjs when she was tiny!

Santa brought Reagan a whole bunch of princess dress up clothes! She had Daddy open them immediately so she could try them on. Every present she opened required direct attention that distracted her from opening the rest. It was really a nice "problem" to have. I know in the future she will probably end up like most kids, opening one gift, barely registering it, and then asking for the next. We'll cherish these moments while they last.

I love these pictures. She didn't quite want to take the whole outfit off:)

 Jessica was such a nice addition to our Christmas celebration. Here's a picture of her trying on some of her gifts:

The little Christmas Elf - Daddy passed out all the gifts!

Here's Daisy opening her gift - with Reagan's help, of course!

Reagan's "big" gift was an InnoTab 2 computer!

I don't have any pictures of it, but Jason finished the gift opening by presenting Jessica and I with matching gift bags. They were topped with thick envelopes that contained several sheets of paper. We were given instructions to read alternating paragraphs. As we read them aloud (with much laughter), we realized it was a poem that told us we were going to be celebrating New Year's Eve in Raleigh, with Colleen, Keith & Max!!  We were thrilled, because up until that point, Jason had been adamant that we would be staying in the area, and Jessica and I were bummed that we wouldn't see our lifelong friends, Colleen & Lynsey because we couldn't get to NC.

After opening all the gifts and stockings, Jessica and I headed out for a nice run along the GW Parkway trail. It was a good idea, because shortly after returning home, we changed clothes and drove to Greensprings (where Jason's Grandparents live) to eat a HUGE dinner with the Campbell's.

Not only did we have this giant turkey pictured below, but we had more sides than you can imagine, plus access to the buffet in the main serving room! It was quite a feast!

Reagan showing her computer to Grandma & Papa. I think she was worried that MeeMaw wanted to take her computer!

Caitlin got to work on her Uncle Rick's hair after dinner was over. (He will probably kill me for posting these, but it's worth the risk:)

Again, we took advantage of Jessica being present, and got some family pictures. Here's the lot of us in the dining area:

And two of the entire Campbell crew (minus Lindsay):

Then we got a shot of MeeMaw and PeePaw with all their grandchildren (again, minus Lindsay) and their great granddaughter:

Here's the boy Campbell crew:

And finally a lovely shot of Jessica!

By this point, I think everyone was getting annoyed with my picture taking, but I managed to get two more shots. One of the Campbell children and their parents, and the second of the Campbell children with their spouses and their parents:

After dinner, we said our goodbyes and drove back to Alexandria. This time, Grandma, Grandpa, and Geoffrey came to our house to exchange gifts:

It's like another entire Christmas! 

Reagan (and both Jason and I) were overwhelmed with the generosity of the family. It was such a wonderful holiday and Reagan has definitely enjoyed all her presents, especially the trampoline from Grandma and Papa and the guitar from Uncle Geoffrey!


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