Raleigh to Ring in the New Year - Part 2

Pajama party time!!! For the second year in a row, we've celebrated New Year's Eve in style...everyone in their PJs hanging out at Colleen and Keith's house! We even got Reagan and Max involved this year:

Of course, they went to bed (eventually) and then the real party started. Reagan actually sat on the couch while the party was going on, watching one of her Mickey Mouse Clubhouse episodes on my phone. She was being so good, that I let her go upstairs to the "big bed" with the phone. I went to check on her 15 minutes later and she was sound asleep, still gripping the phone:) 

All in all, I think I took about 100 pictures that night. Here are the ones that are family-friendly:)

Tiffany and Colleen 

Colleen and the giants!

Hey, nothing says "Happy New Year" like a party hat, right?!

Uncle Adam, Max and Auntie Tiffany (just before the kiddos went to bed)

It took awhile before Colleen & Keith had any friends show up, so Adam entertained us with his "Toss the Lei" game

Once Macy and Fisher arrived, someone had to sample this year's moonshine! Thanks Jessica!

Chef Adam preparing sliders!

Bill, Keith, Colleen, & Tom - Someone needed to tell those dads to SMILE!

There are no words...

Fisher in his prominent spot by the fire.

It wouldn't be a 2012 party without a little Gangnam Style, am I right?

Everyone dancing on the deck. If you look closely, that's not one, but two drinks in Colleen's hands:)

Colleen, Deb, & Tiffany!

Just to prove we're not that old, beers were shotgunned. 

 Jessica brought down the box of party hats, horns, and a bag of confetti. Just before we watched the ball drop, the two kids from across the street (who were totally awesome by the way) asked if they could use it. Jessica and Adam assured them that Colleen and Keith were not only OK with it, but that they wanted them to throw the confetti! And boy did they have fun with it. It's was as if a confetti bomb exploded. So much fun, and the clean up wasn't too bad either...although I'm sure Keith and Colleen are still finding pieces in their house!

Todd, Suzanne, Kevin & Erica

After the ball dropped, the celebration continued with what is becoming an annual Christmas tree burning. This year, the tree came from a house up the street:)

And to get totally cheesy for a second, can I just say, I LOVE THIS PICTURE?! These two are the best hosts! Quite frankly, it's rare to see a couple complement one another so well. These two bicker, pick on each other, support one another, share parenting duties, both work full time and a whole slew of other things. But most of all, they love each other. And they never let life get in the way of friendship. We certainly miss being close to them, but we're so glad they're just a 4 hour drive away! Thanks for opening your home to our motley crew and making the New Year celebration a memorable one.


  1. What a great time that was! So glad I was able to partake in the festivities this year!!

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