Homemade Gifts

Now that we're living in Northern VA with the rest of the Goodale and Campbell families, we decided that we should share one of our favorite things with everyone. So one morning, Jason and I got busy making pasta for all the families. We made 9 batches in total (3 plain, 3 black pepper, and 3 saffron) and had a great time doing it. I was in charge of mixing the dough, and Jason did all the rolling! Much easier with two people!! 

Once the pasta was dried, we packaged about a pound each for the families and added a bit of color with the ribbon.

And since we were on a roll with making pasta, Jason got to work making two GIANT batches of pasta sauce! I think we'll be set for quite a while:) And Reagan was an absolute peach, entertaining herself while we were busy in the kitchen! She helped roll a little bit of the pasta, and probably ate a few pieces!


  1. Yum! Wish I lived close by so I could get in on the pasta making. I'd love to make my own one day.


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