Cookie Decorating Party

About a week before Christmas, Reagan and I headed down to Quantico to decorate cookies with some friends. We arrived around 10:30 and my friend, Katie, had already baked several dozen sugar cookies! I brought all the icing and decorations I could find and my other friend, Amber, brought her two kiddos, Hailey and Alivia, over and we got down to work. Michael (Katie's son) rarely eats sugar, and he had a blast with the icing!!  The kids did a great job decorating and they sure had a blast getting sugar and sprinkles EVERYWHERE! Here are some pictures from the event:

Check out Reagan's black angel:)

Love this shot of the sugar-clad floor!

As you can tell, most of the cookies had way too much sugar/sprinkles to be edible, but it was a lot of fun letting the kids do their own work. After about an hour of decorating, we cleaned up (as much as we could) and then had a nice lunch together. These are friends of ours from our time in Jacksonville and we're grateful that the Marine Corps continues to let our paths cross!


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