Visit to Mt Vernon

On December 18th, Grandma and Papa came up to Alexandria and (we took advantage of Jason being home during the week) we visited Mt Vernon. We only live about a mile and a half from the house, and we have been excited about going since we moved here. Reagan donned another gorgeous coat that we were lucky enough to borrow from a friend and we all piled into Grandma's van for the short drive. It was the perfect time to go because it wasn't crowded at all! 

 Upon entering the site, we visited the welcome area that was beautifully decorated for the holidays. Reagan loved these bronze figures in the front!

We got to see a scaled model of the home, complete with interior decorations:

Here are just a few of the gorgeous Christmas trees on display: 

After admiring the welcome exhibits, we wandered outside and headed towards the actual home of George & Martha Washington.

They keep the pardoned turkeys here at Mt Vernon, so of course, we had to take some pictures!

Reagan obviously ignored the sign that says "Do not lean on the fence!"

This is one crazy looking bird!

After visiting the turkeys, we saw some of the spectacular gardens that Mt Vernon has:

Finally we came up to the house. Isn't it magnificent?!

Papa and Reagan admiring the view from the main house.

We were unable to take photos inside the home, but we did get a shot of the outdoor kitchen. Imagine having to do your cooking out here!

After our guided tour of the house, we wandered around the ground some more and saw animals, more gardens, the old and new tombs of the Washington's, and then walked through the amazing Mt Vernon museum. 

That's Reagan knocking on the old tomb of George Washington to see if he was home:) And on the right, Jason is showing her the new tomb.

Our tour finally brought us to the Christmas camel! Apparently, George Washington had a camel imported from Egypt when he was living here to celebrate the Christmas season!

We had a wonderful time visiting such a great historical site that's practically in our backyard! And we're grateful that Grandma & Papa could come with us! After the tour, we headed to the Kimchi House for dinner. What a great way to spend the day!


  1. The one of Jason and Reagan by the fence where she is standing on it. Priceless. Total framer.


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