Raleigh to Ring in the New Year - Part 1

 As I wrote earlier, Jason surprised Jessica and I with a trip to Raleigh to celebrate the new year. We were thrilled! We packed up the car, drove to Grandma & Papa's to drop Tommy off, and headed down to NC. We got there just after lunch time, and met the crew at one of their favorite spots to watch football...The Luxury Box. Sadly, Colleen wasn't one bit surprised:( The joke was on us, as Colleen had known since the beginning! Oh well, it was still great to be there!!!

Our old friend, Leon, came out to Raleigh from Chapel Hill to hang out too! It was so good to see him. After eating, hanging out, and watching way more football than I ever like to in one sitting, the girls decided to go home. We let the kids open their Christmas gifts and they had fun playing with Reagan's makeup kit that Colleen got her!

Even Auntie Tiffany got in on the action!

Probably my favorite series of pictures to date. I love this kid!!!

Here's little miss "sassy" Reagan showing off her new boots from Grandma Jill! So stylish!

After dinner, we let the kids take a bath and they had a great time "sliding" down the side of the tub:)

The following morning, Jessica talked us into going for a jog with her. We had a good time and got to do lots of chatting. 

Reagan and Max had a great time riding around on Max's car! Max had to drive though because Reagan kept running into everything! Must be that Asian heritage coming out:)

That same morning, Lynsey drove out to Colleen's house to spend some time with us!! We were all so excited to see her. Unfortunately, she had some things to do after her visit, so she didn't bring Mason & Caroline with her. Still, we were happy to reunite! 

Lynsey letting Reagan put lipstick on her!

Here's Reagan's handiwork with the nail polish from her makeup kit. Colleen was a good sport!

The lipstick was a huge hit... 

...with everyone!

Stay tuned for the party post coming up soon! We sure do miss our NC friends!


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