A Beautiful Saturday Afternoon!

After Reagan's nap, we all headed outside to enjoy the surprisingly warm weather. I gathered my supplies to plant the raspberry bushes and rosemary plant Reagan and I had gotten earlier in the week. While Jason and Reagan had been out that morning, they stopped at the bookstore and grabbed me a couple amazing gardening books! I definitely consulted the text before heading out. 

The four raspberry bushes were planted in the front flowerbed. In the late fall, this was tilled by a landscaping company and reasonably weed free. I covered each plant's base with peat moss to help with the potential frost/snow. 

Then I put the rosemary in one corner of the vegetable garden off to the side of the driveway. The one from our Jacksonville house was HUGE when we left, so I'm hoping to keep this one under control with some pruning:)

While I planted, Tommy hung out, and Daddy and Reagan tried to find Waldo! 


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