Our Big Announcement

On Friday, March 15th, Reagan and I picked up a nearly-new Bob Revolution Dualie for just $350!! It even came with the infant car seat adapter and snack tray assembly! For those of you who have never purchased a jogging stroller, you're eyes are probably bugging out, but let me tell you, this is a great awesome unbelievable deal! Apparently stalking Craigslist works:)

Until this point, I had not planned on announcing the pregnancy on Facebook or any other social media site. But every once in a while, I have a stroke of genius (if I do say so myself). The main reason I didn't plan to post was this: I hate the words PREGO and PREGGERS. I don't want people commenting on my page and using these ridiculous terms. The other reason I was not going to post anything was because I didn't want to re-do what I've seen so many times. Don't get me wrong, all the other ideas are super cute and definitely worth repeating, but I wanted to be different.  

As we drove home from picking up the stroller, I had a thought...and I think it turned out pretty good!!

Reagan is going to be the best big sister ever!


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