Until recently, Reagan wanted nothing to do with bread. That included muffins and pancakes. But then she discovered butter! So one day a few weekends ago, she asked me to make her some pancakes. We had some Bisquick left, so I whipped up a batch; serving a couple to each of us and freezing the rest. 

I made 3 different kinds: plain, chocolate chip, and blueberry!

I'm slightly addicted to berries, so these are the blueberry pancakes topped with sliced strawberries and a little syrup.

Reagan had 2 chocolate chip pancakes, butter on top, syrup on the side. 

I checked out Pinterest for freezing methods and learned that you should place the pancakes in a single layer on top of parchment paper (then add more layers of paper between pancake stacks if necessary), freeze them on a cookie tray for about 4 hours, and then transfer to a bag. Super easy and makes a quick breakfast option on workdays! 


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