It's Almost Here!

This Sunday was absolutely beautiful! The weather was hopefully a foreshadowing of the spring to come! There is a large flowerbed in our front yard, and while I planted some bulbs in the fall, there were already lots in there...and it's been a lot of fun watching different things pop up. These yellow crocuses are springing up (pun intended) everywhere. Even some on the side of the driveway:) Reagan loves to pick them. 

And while spring is still teasing us outside, we brought a little bit of nature in the house. Here is some of our seedlings!  As soon as I get to the store to grab fertilizer and manure, I'll plant spinach & radishes in the garden patch just outside the kitchen door. Then we'll head over to Grandpa & Grandma Campbell's and plant their garden beds too! Hooray for homegrown veggies!!!  


  1. Totally jealous! I would love to have a garden. How fast can you ship veggies out to KS???


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