Saturday Morning in Old Town

A few weekends ago, I was granted a free pass for Saturday morning! Daddy took Reagan to Chuck E Cheese and to run his errands, and I was flying solo! Now I love my girl, but sometimes, it's great to have a break:) 

I decided to use my free morning to wander the Farmer's Market in Old Town Alexandria:

I always buy a loaf of her crunchy whole wheat bread! So nice to be able to understand ALL the ingredients in something:)

I stopped by this stand, as I have previously done, and this week grabbed some chicken breasts and some beef. I wanted some bacon, but apparently you've got to be quite the early bird to grab some of that! I recently watched Food Inc., and one of the farms featured in the film was the producer of the ground beef I purchased! Such a cool coincidence!

Although the prices are much higher than the grocery store, Bon Vivant has wonderful products that aren't full of hormones and have had access to pasture. So thrilled that they come to a market close by!

Love these gorgeous bouquets, but didn't pick one up on this particular day.

Last but not least, there were a couple produce stands. I got spinach, Brussels sprouts, and some cherry tomatoes. 

Once I finished a couple laps at the market, I headed back to my car, tossed a few more quarters in the machine, and wandered across the street to the Grape & Bean for some tea and a little reading. It was by far the most relaxing thing I've done in months!

After that, I snuck into the shop next door, Bucket List Boutique where I found a really cute headband. 

That brought me to the end of my meter time, so I hopped in the car, swung over to Del Ray to browse a consignment shop my dear friend, Maureen, told me about, Bellies & Babies. Found out I absolutely love Del Ray and the small town feel it offers. I will definitely be heading back!

And with that, it was back to reality. I headed home to a very happy girl and her daddy!


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