Our Little Patient

February 2013 will go down in history as "The Month of the Emergency Room!" Actually, that should be amended to read "The Week of the Emergency Room," as we managed to cram the bad stuff into just a few days! Let me explain:

On Saturday, February 16th, after lots of puking and crying, Jason and I took Reagan to the ER thinking she had an infection. Luckily that's all it was, and after a very short wait, we were able to see the doctor, get her antibiotics, and head home. She was a great patient that day!

Then, on Thursday, February 21st, we decided that one trip to the ER in a month just wasn't enough. At 5:30am, Jason and I awoke to a loud crash in our room. Apparently, Reagan was trying to climb into our bed (as she has done on so many occasions, but usually we wake up and help her) and fell. She hit the wood floor HARD. She kept mentioning that "this side" hurts, pointing to her left shoulder. We had her move it a bit and that seemed ok, but anytime we tried to pick her up, she absolutely screamed. I called and cancelled her daycare reservation, and made her a doctor's appointment. I had something to do at work, so I took her to the office for a couple hours where she was (again) subdued, but doing ok. The doctor called and asked what the appointment was for...and after I explained, she redirected us to the ER. 

We arrived at the ER and again, had great service. The nurse, doctor and radiology tech were all wonderful with Reagan. Once we walked into the room, they gave us a small gown for Reagan to wear. As I changed her clothes, she screamed in pain. It was heartbreaking. But she had Frank, so things were still ok:

The doc brought her some Tylenol spiked with Codeine which helped tremendously! She was affected almost immediately:) Here's her doing her best to smile:

Right behind our room was the place to get X-Rays. Reagan did so well, standing still for 4 different ones! Here's a photocopy of the X-Ray:

After taking a few measurements, they found the tiniest sling in the hospital and fixed her right up! She has to wear the sling for a month and go back to the orthopedic clinic for another X-Ray, but everyone tells us the injury will heal itself in 4-6 weeks. In fact, as I write this a week and a half later, she's already doing so much better! 

 The ER doc said, "Most people wait until they are 4 or 5 to break a bone. You've got yourself a little overachiever!"


  1. She is so cute! Glad that was the last visit...otherwise I was going to have to call CPS...


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