Shamrock Project

On our "snow day," Reagan's school was closed and so was my office, so we decided to do a project. I downloaded a stencil from the internet, traced it onto sturdy paper, and gathered some additional supplies. Then we decorated shamrocks in honor of St. Patty's Day!

Our supplies: green paint, green crayon, green fabric scraps cut into various shapes, green puffballs, green beads, green plastic coins, and finally green rice & noodles. Yeah, we had green pretty well covered;)

Reagan loves using glue (especially the glue stick) and had a blast decorating. Here are her finished products:

And adults can have fun too when helping out with kid projects. I decorated this one with fabric scraps, cut the edges to match and then hung it on Reagan's bathroom mirror (I don't decorate much, but I've tried to put something fun/new/holiday related on her bathroom mirror since we moved here).  

Really simple, fun project that perfect for toddlers (and their crafty mamas!). Plus, we saved the leftover supplies for future projects.


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