Another Evening

Each morning at the beach started somewhat like this...

Don't expect to eat anything around these two without sharing!

We wandered down to the beach only to find terrible ocean conditions:( The first few days were all red flag "NO SWIMMING" days. We let the girls play on the beach, and they were happy with that. Luckily the weather was still decent.

That evening, Geoffrey and I had a new plan. There is a dock not too far down from the sound access point, so we decided to wade out to it. By the time I got the girls down and went in search of the spot, Geoffrey was already settled.

In fact, I had to use my zoom lens to find him! As I neared his location, camera bag in hand and shorts totally soaked, I took a final step before I could jump up next to him...and promptly fell into a hole, cut my foot a little, and was soaked to my chest! Luckily I had already handed off the camera bag!

It was work it. No clouds, but we got this nice sailboat in the picture:)

It was quite a bit longer of a walk in the water than I had anticipated, so on the way back, we were able to cut through some property and caught this sliver of a moon. 


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