Joint Birthday Fun! (Picture OVERLOAD!)

The girls' birthdays are exactly one month apart (thanks to the great planning of Ft Belvoir Community Hospital!), so we decided to do a joint party. Savannah even had a few friends come over (not that she knew it!). The night before, we hosted Jason's staff for a BBQ and had a great time. The morning of the party, the kids played for a bit, got a bath, and then prepared for the big event! We were thrilled that Keith, Colleen & Max were there to celebrate with us again! Reagan sure does love Max:) We welcomed many family members & friends from all different parts of our, church, work, etc. 

Pre-party, Reagan "helping" Max with the swing.


Savannah learned to fly:)

They love Jessica!!!

We put Uncle Keith in charge! He's got a handle on things!

Looks like everyone is enjoying the joint birthday gift!

What?! This isn't how it works?!

On to bath time! And who doesn't love to paint with shaving cream in the tub?!

All dressed for the party! Love this cute skirt from Keith & Colleen!

Grandma hugs!

How cool is this sign made by my dear friend, Maureen!!! The party "themes" were Frozen, ballerinas & pumpkins. I think she got them all!

Trying on the fun birthday glasses from Uncle Kevin & Aunt Lisa!

Didn't last long before she wanted to hop in the pool with her buddies.

This is Reagan's friend, Emily, from Ft Belvoir CDC. They live close by, so we play together a lot!

Emily's mommy and her little brother, Luke. He's so handsome!

Colleen & Max (and Keith being weird).

My beautiful friend, CC, from the office, with her (then) 3-month-old son, Henry.

Savannah's friend, Cayden, with his daddy, Chris. They are just 11 days apart and someday will play together.

Jessica stole the camera for a bit, so here I am being weird with Cody & Alyssa.

Relaxing for a bit and having some lunch.

Reagan's friends, Timmy (in the back) and Joshy, from church and school. She absolutely lights up whenever either of these boys are around!

More swimming:) Free Willy!

Pool fun!

This pic is actually from the day before, but I love it, so I had to include it. Love them so much!!!

Frozen, "ballerina" (or inappropriate McDonald's toy), and a pumpkin:) With 1 candle for Savannah and a 4 for Reagan.

She had to have both of their faces!

Mr. Dave & Amanda helped Savannah enjoy her cake!

Maybe she was mad that the cake was all gone?

Handsome Uncle Geoffrey!

Back in happy spirits in her new chair from Uncle Scott & Aunt Sheri! Perfect size!

Night swimming.

After the party wrapped up and most everyone had gone home, Jason broke out his Marine gear for Keith & Colleen's friends who were visiting from England! They had so much fun, and of course, the little ones had to join in too!

I'm going to keep doing these joint parties until one of them questions it:)


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