Photo Session with Our Girls!

Although I had already done a mini session for Savannah's first birthday, I really wanted to photograph the girls at the beach. One morning, Jason and I loaded up the beach cart with the girls and took a long walk to the pier. Savannah's increased mobility made it somewhat challenging, but it also made it really fun! Jason was in charge of wrangling the beast and doing his best to position her while I captured some shots. Then we switched to the easy one:) Reagan has become so used to me and my camera that she just complies most of the time! And we did our best to get some of the girls together. Jason had the idea of making them play peek-a-boo and that worked out great! Finally, I wanted a few of him with the girls. They adore him. These are my favorites.

This is my favorite one of Savannah. She's constantly on the move these days. Slowly losing those cute little arm rolls and growing into her own person. What a joy.

This is probably my favorite of Reagan. It captures her true self. A beautiful smile, hair in her face, and off to the races. Love this girl!


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