Big Kids Night Out

My Korean heritage predisposes me to a love of karaoke. That being said, every time we go to the beach, I beg Jason to take me to this bar just up the road that hosts karaoke 3 nights a week. So one night, Grandma & Papa took control of bedtime and let Geoffrey, Jason and I go out for the evening. It was an absolutely gorgeous night and the bar was packed! While the boys waited at the bar, I snagged some seats and played with the settings on my camera. Love the results! Here are my favorites. (Wish I had taken pictures of some of the drinks I had that was in a T-Rex-shaped bottle and another was in a shark-shaped mug. Good times.)

We had a wonderful evening and were home by 10:30. I think Grandma was disappointed that we didn't stay out all night:)


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