Looking Back - Halloween Over the Years

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. First of all, I love candy.  And secondly, who doesn't like dressing up? It's even better when you can dress your kids up!  Here's a look back at our last four Halloween costumes...

Reagan actually had two different monkey costumes for her first Halloween. Although we didn't trick-or-treat, we did dress her up and take her to some of our neighbor's houses for fun.

The next year, Reagan and I were in Woodbridge visiting Grandma & Papa for Halloween. She was a hamburger and I was a hotdog. We took her to a local shopping center for their trick-or-treating and she was adorable!

The next year, we became residents, once again, of Northern Virginia. Grandma, Papa & Uncle Geoffrey came over for pizza and trick-or-treating. We loaded Reagan up in the wagon and carted her from house to house. At first, one of us would walk up with her. By the third house, she was telling us, "I go all by me-self." It's on video and one of the cutest things I've ever seen.

Last year, Reagan donned a pirate princess costume! By then, she was a trick-or-treating pro. 

Savannah didn't exactly put on a costume for her first Halloween, but she was in the spirit with her Frankenstein outfit:) 


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