Savannah is One!

Two days before Savannah's birthday, we were hanging out at Gary Mike & Terry's house and she was playing in the tupperware cabinet per the usual. She fell and got hysterical...well, that's because she landed with one hand on the edge of a large (somewhat sharp) plastic measuring cup with her poor little cheek on the other side:( She got quite the battle scar in the process!

On the day before her birthday, we decided to go down to Woodbridge to celebrate with Grandma & Papa. The girls and I enjoyed some time outside before heading down. 

At Grandma & Papa's, we made it easy, and Jason picked up takeout from a nearby restaurant. While he was gone, of course, I took more pictures. In the one below, you can see the wound really well. Poor Savvy!

Papa and Reagan having too much fun!

After we ate dinner, we went out on the deck to give Savannah her birthday cake. When Reagan turned one, I made her a special panda bear cake, so I wanted to do something for Savannah too. I decided on doll cakes, that way, Reagan could have one too. The rest of us had cupcakes.

She wasn't too sure what it was at first.

So Grandma gave her a nibble.

Hmm, can't eat this part!

Daddy helped too.

And he was rewarded with some cake.

Then it was Grandma's turn to taste.

And here she is trying to give me a bite!

But then she got down to business...

Until there was no way anyone would have known what she had eaten:)

Happy 1st Birthday our beautiful little beast! You screech at a pitch that is impossible to ignore or replicate. You knock over everything your sister tries to build. You have endless amounts of energy sometimes, but you sleep like a champ. We love you so very much.


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