Finally A Beach Day!

After patiently waiting for the red NO SWIMMING flag to finally skip a day, we were very happy to have some time in the water! Geoffrey & Jason immediately grabbed their boards and fins and headed for the waves. Well, almost immediately, someone else got to the fins first:)

While they rode the waves, the girls played on the beach - enjoying the perfect chairs from Uncle Scott & Aunt Sheri! And I snapped some pictures.

Savannah became a little obsessed with the seaweed on this day, clinging to handfuls of the stuff. 

And Reagan just wanted a turn in the water.

Papa joined us after his bike ride! And Grandma was there too, despite the lack of photographic evidence:)

I decided to try my hand at boogie boarding. After about what seemed like 20 minutes, I finally fought passed the waves to get to a good spot to catch one...and then I learned how difficult it is to do that! Totally different from surfing (which I haven't done in 8-9 years!). But Geoffrey came out with me and helped me finally get one or two rides!

Geoffrey was in the water practically all day, but at one point, he was forced out after a wave resulted in this:

It was nice enough that even Great Papa came down for a bit. This is the only day we saw him ON the beach.

Since Uncle Geoffrey was out of the water due to his cut, I let the girls play with him and took a few fun pictures. Even got some of Papa taking a ride. All in all, this was a wonderful day and the girls really enjoyed it!


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