A Visit with Colleen & Max

On Saturday, December 3rd, Colleen and Max came to spend the night in Jacksonville! We were so happy to have company and it was wonderful to see them both. The weather was absolutely gorgeous and we spent a lot of time outside. Max has gotten so big and is doing great sitting up and playing with all his toys. He's got the cutest laugh I've ever heard and he's so much fun these days. Colleen is looking great and definitely kicking butt being a working mom and still breastfeeding! If you've seen Up All Night, I'm quite certain they based this show on Colleen, Keith, and Max. They really have figured out how to make life work. And they have fun doing it!

After playtime, we took the kids in and Reagan went down for her nap. Max drank his bottle and then napped in Colleen's arms for a couple hours (it's always difficult trying to get babies to nap in a new place, Max was a champ!).

That evening, Brian and Maureen dropped off Sean Patrick while they attended a Christmas cocktail party. We had a great time playing with all the babies:

After a decent night's sleep, we woke up and had breakfast and we took turns watching the kids while we each showered. Reagan was petting Max's head like she does to Tommy and I just had to get a picture:

All in all, it was a wonderful time to catch up with a great friend. When the babies slept, we chatted and watched The Change-Up on OnDemand. Hilarious by the way. Thanks for coming to visit Colleen!  We love you guys!


  1. Great pictures. So sad we missed it! Must get together soon!


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