He's Home!!

Our dear friends Maureen & Sean came to take pictures of Jason's homecoming for us!

Maureen even made this sign for Reagan to hold!!

Jason arrived before the rest of the Marines (lucky us!!)


Clapping for her daddy

A complete family once again:)

What an eventful day Christmas Eve was. I've posted the most important thing (the pictures!) first, but here's a short recap. That morning, just before stepping into the shower, I received a text message from the Company Gunny informing me that the flight was delayed 2 hours. No worries, that gave me time for a run. So we knocked that out and once finished, I did my best to entertain Reagan and keep her away from the presents I had put out the night before.  

We headed to base around 11:30 and arrived there just after noon. Maureen and Sean met us on base and they kids played together for  a couple hours. It was around this time that I really noticed Reagan's eyes were getting redder and more swollen. By 2:15, I got a call from Jason saying he was on the way over!!!  So we gave him a quick hug and kiss and then he briefly spoke to all the families. We waited patiently while he shook hands with about a hundred different parents, and after a few pictures, I told him I was taking one very unhappy girl to the ER to find out what was wrong with her. 

I think we had a record fast trip to the ER! Reagan was admitted, evaluated, and had prescription in hand in just over an hour. Yep, she has pink eye. And she has a pretty wicked cough (poor girl!). So that has made for quite a sleepy/fussy/snotty toddler who isn't sure what to make of this guy who's back in the house. But she's slowly warming up to him and even laughed a bit yesterday. 

For now, we're just enjoying the fact that we're all back together. Hope all of you had a fantastic Christmas holiday.


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