Awesome Customer Service!

The internet is full of rants about terrible customer service, so I'm taking the opportunity to tell you about a company that was exactly the opposite of awful...they were totally amazing!

On Thursday, December 14th, I was running late to meet some friend for a run in town. I tossed the diaper bag and keys (first mistake) into the car and set my iPhone on top of the car. Then I placed Reagan in her car seat and ran around to the drivers side to hop in the car and take off. Now back in 2010, I made a similar error after getting gas. Read about that here. Should have learned my lesson then, right? If you set anything on top of the car, always put your keys up there too so you CANNOT drive away! Well, as you can imagine, that definitely did NOT happen.

Back to my story. I headed out on to Dawson Cabin Road, a busy 3 mile stretch taking us to the highway. About a mile down the road (and driving 55mph) I heard a couple thuds and then saw an "explosion" of black in the rearview mirror. Then the sick feeling set in as I saw another car following me. I pulled into a driveway and executed a turn around, veering off the road and putting on my flashers for safety. I quickly located two pieces of my iPhone's case, but could not find the actual phone. After searching for a full 5 minutes, I found it in a ditch partially filled with water. The screen was cracked and the plastic part around the button was gone. I wiped it down immediately and attempted with all the hope I could muster that it would work. Miracle of miracles, wonder of wonders, IT STILL WORKED!

Thank goodness for my OtterBox Defender Case, otherwise the phone would have been totally destroyed! After our run, I headed to the AT&T store (where I also received excellent customer service) and talked over my options with a representative. I opted to get a new OtterBox and continue to use my phone until I'm eligible for an upgrade making the phone much less expensive.

When I got home, I emailed OtterBox just to let them know how pleased I was with their product and how it had literally SAVED my iPhone. Within 2 hours, I got a response from one of their customer service reps telling me they would gladly send me a new case if I would just provide the model number and shipping address. Then, I received another email from a different representative thanking me for my initial email! What a fantastic company!

So for any of you iPhone owners out there who are just as forgetful as I am, I urge you to purchase an OtterBox. They may seem expensive, but they are worth every penny! And thank you OtterBox for your outstanding customer service!


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