Salt Dough Ornaments

My dear friend Lynsey mentioned that she was planning to make salt dough ornaments with her son, Mason. I immediately stole the idea and turned to the internet for some ideas. I came across this blog called "The Happy Housewife: Where Martha Meets Real Life" and got some great tips.

The recipe was simple:

2 cups flour (not self-rising)
1 cup salt
1 cup warm water

Mix dry ingredients and then slowly add warm water until the dough becomes the consistency of pie crust.

I mixed these up after Reagan was in bed and then rolled and cut about 2 1/2 dozen shapes. I used a meat thermometer (another tip from the blog above) to make holes for stringing the ornaments. Then I baked them for 2 hours and 15 minutes.

When time and weather allowed, I dressed Reagan in her "painting" clothes and we headed outside in the 70-degree December weather. At first I thought she would just use her fingers to paint...I should have known better. This is the girl who would not touch the pumpkin guts at Halloween! So I ran inside for a couple paint brushes and she went to town. It was a lot of fun!

After trying to dip the ornaments into the paint cups, she found the brushes to be much more fun.

My little artist:)

Guess we won't have an "adult-decorated" tree for years to come. And yes, Grandma, some of these will be coming to you!

Getting the hang of it:)

This takes LOTS of concentration:)

Guess she's not totally opposed to getting dirty!

And look, we have some cool jeans now!

It was so pretty out that Tommy joined in on the fun!


  1. such fun! Mason preferred finger painting and not just the ornaments but his whole body!


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