Neighborhood Gifts

About a month ago, the cul-de-sac was finally in we now have 7 neighbor families! We live in a great location full of Marine/Navy families and everyone is so nice here. We have one especially great neighbor who we trade favors with. I watch her dog when they travel and she picks up my mail whenever we are out of town. She also goes to Sam's Club a lot and brings me lots of unexpected treats when she buys in bulk:) Earlier this month, we made cookies and friendship tea and delivered them to the houses. This week, we have received a basket of fruit, a toy for Tommy, some delicious cupcakes, and a beautiful Christmas tupperware full of cute cookies. This brings back so many fond memories of growing up on Kendale Drive and delivering fruitcakes (made by my mom) to all our our neighbors.

Here are a few pictures of the goodies:

During a season typically marked by overeating, this was a welcome treat! And Reagan LOVES fruit!

I've frozen these so I don't eat them all before Jason gets home!

So cute, and just a little bit creepy:)


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