A Trip to the Tree Farm

On Sunday, December 4th, we met up with the Donlon Family for a trip to the Christmas tree farm in hopes of cutting down our own tree. Brian looked up a couple places online and selected Moore's Tree Farm in New Bern, NC.

It was "a holiday adventure" alright as we drove up and discovered that Fraser Firs do not grow in this area:( Apparently, they only have these trees which do NOT suffice:

Hard to tell from the picture, but there weren't really any pine needles on these trees. Where on earth do you hang ornaments?!

Slightly disappointed, but not deterred, Brian attempted to use our smart phones to find a better lot. Apparently none exist in Eastern NC.

A disappointed Brian attempting to locate a "real" tree farm.

Luckily, the kids had fun and the farm offered "imported" Fraser Firs which we happily selected. 

Much better looking!

Cutest reindeer EVER!

Reagan with her bf's hat & selecting her tree

At least we had a fun tractor ride!

Best deployment husband around. Not only did he do all the heavy lifting, but he came to the house, put the tree in the stand and strung all my lights!

After the tree farm, we headed into the beautiful town of New Bern and got some lunch at a lovely restaurant on the waterfront. All in all, it was a fantastic afternoon.

Just outside the restaurant...happy Donlon Family!


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