Turkey Day - Eastern NC Style

On Thanksgiving Day, we were invited to celebrate with our good friends down in Holly Ridge. Before heading south, Reagan and I met up with some Stroller Warriors on base for a true Turkey Day run.

Brian, Maureen & Sean Patrick Donlon were excellent hosts and prepared a delicious meal for all of us. Maureen's parents were in town and one of Brian's co-workers and his family also came. Since the weather was absolutely gorgeous, and because the deep-frying turkey smelled amazing, we spent most of the pre-dinner time outside.

When we went inside, we found this:

Someone needs to tell Sean that you're supposed to nap AFTER the turkey:) There was plenty of cheese and crackers to snack on as well as some tasty stuffed mushrooms prepared by Maureen's dad (who was also the supervisor of all turkey frying operations). Maureen and her mom were busy in the kitchen, but I stole the hostess away to take one quick picture with her friend Sarah:

Grandma (Maureen's mom) was in charge of keeping Sean out of the way:)

Just over an hour after we arrived, the food was laid out and Brian started carving this BEAUTIFUL bird:

I'll admit I was a skeptic and one of those people who said, "Why on Earth would you ever fry a perfectly good turkey?" I'm a total convert, a true believer. Next purchase: turkey fryer. 

Here's a look at the rest of the food and the delicious desserts:

It was quite a feast, and we're so grateful for friends who take the place of family when you just can't face another 6 hour car trip! Thanks Donlon's!  We love you guys!


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