A Trip to the National Zoo!

Almost two weeks ago, Papa, Grandma and I took the girls to the National Zoo. It was a beautiful Thursday morning - perfect weather - and it wasn't too crowded! This was Reagan's second trip to the zoo...Jessica and I took her to the Wild Animal Park in CA when she was 14 months old:) 

Reagan was our navigator:)

We started with the panda! Grandma really wanted to see the new baby panda, but she's not ready for a public viewing yet, so we had to settle for this guy!

Papa was helping our budding photographer

Next up, the elephants. I think we saw about 3 or 4 in total, but we were pretty far away. By the time we wandered around to the fence where you can get up close, the elephants were elsewhere:(

Surprisingly, Reagan really enjoyed the bird house! We got to see some really neat looking ones with brilliant feathers. She really liked the flamingos too!

After all that, it was time for lunch! Much like an airport, the zoo has it's own totally outrageous prices for food. Seriously, $5 for a bottle of water?! But Grandma and Papa treated us to some popcorn shrimp and chicken fingers with fries...both of which were really delicious, so it wasn't too bad that Grandma had to sell a kidney to get them:) 

While Grandma was ordering, Papa was bonding with his newest girl!

After lunch, we headed over to see this guy! Look at those fingers!

Reagan's favorite - the orangutan! 

Reagan and I shared some Dip N' Dots before heading into the Reptile House. And Grandma got her workout carrying Savannah!

As you can see, Savannah just adored the zoo!

Of course we had to take a spin on the carousel!

Then off to see the big cats!

Here's one of my favorites...the prairie dogs! Seriously, how cute is he? (or she?)

The National Zoo is built on a big hill in DC. We started at the top and meandered down, viewing all these great exhibits and ended at the children's farm exhibit. Reagan really enjoyed seeing the cows, goats, pigs, etc, but then she was DONE:

We had such a great time and we are so grateful for wonderful grandparents who come along on mommy's crazy whims!


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