West Point Trip (Part 1)

Last Thursday night, we loaded up the car and headed north (in the pouring rain) to see Adam and Lauren in West Point, NY. We left around 6:30 and after a very long trip, arrived in the middle of the night. Reagan was bright eyed and bushy tailed. We let her say hello and hang out for a bit, but it took us until 3:30 or 4am to get her to sleep...Savannah was a great traveller - she slept most of the ride, ate again when we arrived and went back to sleep. 

As children are apt to do, both girls got up at their normal times...early.

We had arrived so late, that we didn't even know how amazing the view from the house was:

...or how incredible the house was?! It was gorgeous!

Lauren warned me (since we had Tommy with us), that there were lots of very friendly deer in the neighborhood. We were lucky enough to spot several!

The Friday after we arrived, Jason went to campus with Adam to talk to two of his classes and the girls did a few errands and hung out at the house. We went out for an incredible dinner which Savannah slept through. It was fabulous!

The following day, we headed to Barton Orchards to pick apples and enjoy some fall festivities. We had a great time and some of Adam & Lauren's friends linked up with us out there, so Reagan had some friends to play with!

Love the following two photos. Adam is constantly saying he's not comfortable with kids, doesn't want them, etc...These pictures beg to differ:)

While the adults finished picking apples, Adam and I took Reagan and Savannah over to the pumpkin patch to attempt some pictures. As you can see, I may have waited a bit too long for Reagan's patience level!

But she cooperated for one final shot with Savannah!


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