Lindsay's Bridal Shower!

On Saturday, September 28th, the girls and I headed down to Woodbridge. After a delicious breakfast of homemade waffles with bacon and sliced pears -THANKS PAPA!!! - we grabbed Grandma and headed a little further south for Stafford. We arrived at Aunt Sheri's house around 11 and saw Eric just before he snuck away from the bridal shower:) We even got him to hold Savannah!

Lindsay was as beautiful as ever and super excited to see Savannah! 

Lindsay's friend, Megan, and Aunt Sheri did a wonderful job decorating the house for the party and had so much yummy food! 

Savannah got to see Caitlin and Aunt Lori much nicer conditions this time:) *it was raining at the UVA game when we first met them!

More cute decorations!

Savannah slept with Aunt Steph for over an hour! What a snuggle bug!

Reagan helped Megan make the bow bouquet and was running around like a crazy person most of the morning. The best part of the day was when Aunt Sheri brought out the last big box...her old wedding gown!!! Of course we all harassed Lindsay into trying it on! What fun!

And naturally, the next step was to go outside for a pretend photo shoot:)

And just before it was over, we managed to get a shot of the 4 Campbell girls!

The big day is just around the corner! Reagan can't wait to rock her flower girl dress:)


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