West Point Trip (Part 3)

So Oktoberfest was about 1 mile from Adam & Lauren's house. It took us 1 hour to get there and park!!! Luckily, both girls napped and didn't make a peep. It was mostly the standard Oktoberfest fare...beer, brats, and other delicious German food. They also had a lot of various vendors peddling their goods and a few people who just looked like they set up a yard sale. The scenery was spectacular and the beer was refreshing...all in all, a pretty wonderful day.

Jason, Vinny & Lauren

Couldn't resist:)

Reagan spent most of the day playing in this tree stump!

Our wonderful hosts for the weekend!

As per her usual, Savannah was having a blast.

This is just after Reagan tried to tell me she wasn't dirty!

Savvy finally woke up for the party:)

And then promptly went back to sleep!


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