Fall Gold Cup

Saturday, October 19th, was this year's fall Gold Cup. Jason was at the UVA football game, so the girls and I met up with some friends just off of 66 and headed to The Plains for some horse racing. Jon, Rachel, Alex and Scott piled in the van (everyone makes fun of the van until you realize it can hold 5 adults and two kids comfortably) and we arrived earlier than 95% of the crowd:)

But the tent, beverages, and food were all set up and Grandpa Rick, Gary Mike and IP were all there waiting for us. And despite a chill in the air, we all had a wonderful time! 

This is the real reason I go to Gold Cup:) Best. Bacon. Ever.

Reagan fixed herself a plate as soon as we arrived!

Jon, Rachel, Alex and Scott - not only is this an awesome group of people just because, but they also played with Reagan the entire time!

The girls!

Savannah was staying warm!

Uncle Kevin was teaching Reagan how to dance...

This girl seriously has a crush:)

Katrienne and the girls

Proof that I was actually there;)

IP, Gary Mike, and Grandpa


  1. Great pictures. Looks like you ladies had a great time.


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