Savannah's Impromptu Photo Session! (and a little bit of reality)

In this blog, I've recounted so many wonderful times/events/etc with our little family. Those are all real moments. But what I leave out is the crazy...

In an effort to be more realistic, let's recall this gem from a couple weeks ago:

Reagan, Savannah and I were in Quantico at a birthday party one Friday afternoon. All was going well until shortly after eating, Savannah had a movement so forceful that liquid poo actually exploded out of her diaper, immediately through her onesie, and directly onto my outfit. Of course I had a change of clothes for her; me, not so much. No worries, I just rocked my nursing tank top and a jacket. We continued to enjoy the party. On the way home, it was nearing dinner time, and too lazy and tired to figure out something to cook, I swung into the McD's drive thru. In the eyes of a 3-year old, this made me the best mom ever! 

As soon as we got home, I sat Reagan down with her chicken nugget Happy Meal and placed her sister, still asleep in the carseat, on the kitchen floor. I dashed upstairs yelling, "I've got to change and go potty, please watch Savvy for me!" Within 3 minutes, Reagan has visited me in the bathroom 12 times and tried to feed Savannah a piece of chicken (thank goodness I recovered said piece of chicken in time!). Fed up with her behavior, I proceeded to give her the worlds fastest bath (while Savannah was still screaming), put her in pajamas, and plop her into bed. It was 7pm. 

The night continued with a lot of Reagan crying about not wanting to go to bed, me yelling at her to get back in her room, and so on. Finally, I sat down to feed Savannah. She ate well, as she always does, and then promptly did something she NEVER does...puked. Directly down my shirt. 

Yeah, these are the stories that don't usually make the blog. But this is also real life. And with that, here are some pictures of our cutie pie!


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