Kiwi Crate: Modern Art

For Reagan's birthday, Grammy Betty & Auntie Lynsey got her a subscription to Kiwi's a company that sends a box once a month full of crafts (ideas & supplies). We've gotten 3 green boxes so far and each one is seriously better than the next! Reagan can hardly wait to open them and see what projects we get to do! 

Last week, we opened the newest box and embarked on our "Modern Art" adventure! There are two main projects that each come with instruction booklets (seen below). They also give you a separate book/magazine with additional activities you can do. 

Each box included most of the supplies that are required. For example, this one had canvas, tape, paint, paintbrush, and an easel! The only thing missing was a cup of water:) 

After I placed the tape on the canvas, I helped Reagan paint colors in the individual boxes. 

Once that one was complete, I tore off strips of tape to let Reagan do her very own Modern Art project. She loved it!

Once the first one dried, we removed the tape and look how cool it turned out!

Here's the cool easel it came with!

Final product! This was one of the most fun projects to date! We love Kiwi Crate so much, we asked Grammy Betty for a continuation of the subscription as a Christmas gift:)  Thanks Grammy & Lynsey!!!


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