Another Crab Feast

On Sunday morning, we sadly said goodbye to Keith, Colleen and Max as they headed home to Raleigh. I thought we would have to say goodbye to Geoffrey as well, but he surprised us and decided to stay until the late afternoon! I think we managed to keep him here by suggesting a crab feast!

On Father's Day, when Jason and I went in search of crabs, we decided to get the guy's phone number for future reference. Jason gave him a call and within an hour, he, Rick, and Geoffrey were driving down to Sneads Ferry to pick up 6 dozen blue crabs and some clams. (Even though I can't eat shellfish, I love these days because I'm free to create a pasta meal for myself:)

Around 12:45, Jason and Rick got the meal going and within minutes, Reagan was enjoying some clams:

Reagan liked them so much that she hardly left Uncle Geoffrey any time to eat any of his own! After the clams came the crabs:

The entire family chowed down on some delicious crabs! Reagan was eating her portion that I had shucked for her and when I got up to stir my noodles, she was mid bite and nodded off:) I took her upstairs for a nap and the rest of the crew continued to feast:

By the end, it was just me and Rick at the table. I had shucked enough crabs to last Reagan a lifetime! She woke from her nap and ate quite a bit too.

Sadly, after that, Geoffrey packed his car and drove north. We were disappointed that he had to leave, but in just a few more weeks, we'll be living up in VA and seeing a LOT more of him!


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