Puffy Paint: PAHM Style

As you know, I'm a huge fan of the Play-At-Home-Mom blog. My friend, Katie, sent me a recipe from their site for puffy paint and suggested that I do the activity with Reagan. Katie is one heck of an awesome mom to 2 fabulous little girls and she pushes me to be a more interactive mom. I'm definitely going to miss her!

The recipe was simple:

4 Tbsp Self-Rising Flour
4 Tbsp Salt
Food Coloring

From each batch (I made 2) I got made two separate colors. You just mix the dry ingredients, add water and stir until it's smooth then add a few drops of food coloring. Once your kiddo "paints" on cardboard or paper plates (we used both), you pop it in the microwave for 30 seconds and it becomes dry and puffy. We had a blast doing this and Grandma even helped!

What kid wouldn't LOVE playing with this stuff?!

After it's microwaved.

Grandma helping Reagan make a smiley face.

Showing off the "puffy" smiley face!

Papa helped with the cleanup (pardon the fuzziness...the humidity fogged the lens)

Post microwave action

After doing the first batch, Grandma pointed out that perhaps the "paint" wasn't puffing up very much because my flour may have been past it's use-by date. When I checked, the self-rising flour had expired in 2010!!! We'll definitely try it again with fresher ingredients next time, but it didn't seem to bother Reagan one bit!


  1. I have this planned for today after naps. Hope it helps pass the "witching hour" quickly!


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