Attack of the Fire Ants!

Last Wednesday, I finally got around to mowing the front yard. I managed to do this while Reagan played happily by herself (a first) and it looked so much better. Unfortunately, as soon as I put the mower back in the garage, the skies opened up and it poured. So much for doing the rest during nap time.

So the following day, I planned to do the back (which was nearing jungle state). Of course, it rained AGAIN. Jason was home on Friday, so while he entertained Reagan and planted a new tree, I got started on the backyard. The grass was so tall that I was barely able to make one loop of the yard before emptying the bag. I finished about a third of the yard before the rains returned and I had to quit. So the following day, I was determined to get the job done. Jason was working on a project (another post later) and Reagan was wandering around the backyard, so I started to mow again. I continued to empty the bag every 5 minutes or so. Unfortunately, I was running out of places to store the clippings, so on one fateful trip outside the fence, I climbed up on top of some old clippings and started shaking the bag to get rid of the grass.

Within seconds, I threw the bag and ran screaming into the yard. I stripped my pants off, tossed my shoes and yelled for Jason to HELP!!! He grabbed the hose and sprayed down my legs, but sadly, it was too late:

I had been attacked by vicious fire ants! My feet were absolutely burning and I couldn't even count the bites because of the immediate swelling! As I write this post, several days later, they are still a little swollen and quite itchy:(

I suppose this is my own fault. A couple years ago, while preparing my garden for planting, I picked up a large pile of grass clippings and found my arms covered with ants. I should have known those little bastards would have been in there! Oh well, this episode is over, the grass is finally cut, and within a week, I'll be doing it all over again. Hopefully this time, sans drama!


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