A(nother) Day at the Beach

On Thursday morning, Reagan and I headed out to take pictures of my friend's kiddos. I typically bring the Bob so she has a comfortable place to sit, but my car won't hold all the props and the jogging stroller, so I brought the umbrella stroller this time. Reagan was wonderful as she has been at every other photo session I've taken her to. I gave her a bag of almonds to keep her busy. She calls them "treat" because when Grandma and Grandpa were visiting, we must have referred to them as such:) She sat patiently in the stroller enjoying "treat" for over an hour. Love this girl!

As the session wrapped up, our friends from our days at Marine Barracks strolled up. We had planned to meet them later in the day, but this was a bonus! They walked back to the house they had rented about a mile down the beach and Reagan and I packed up the car, said goodbye to our photo subjects, and drove to another public access point. We basically had the beach to ourselves and it was a gorgeous day:

Reagan isn't a huge fan of the beach this year. That doesn't really bother me, because I usually only like it for about an hour at a time. She spent some time playing with sunscreen, laying on her towel, and looking at a dead fish.

After about 30 minutes, Susan and her daughter, Violet, joined us! Isn't she a cutie?!

A bit later, Susan's friend brought her son, Logan down to the beach too. He is such a handsome boy!

Since I was taking pictures of the other two for fun, Reagan wanted to do a pose too:)

It's a bit blurry, but I love this one!

And her are the girls with their babes! 

We didn't last too much longer, but it sure was nice to catch up with an old friend. Luckily, Susan and her husband, Eric, live in northern VA, so I'm sure we'll get to see them a lot more!


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