Strange Visitors In The Night

On Monday evening, we were hanging out before Reagan's bedtime and I got a text message. I excused myself from the couch and headed to the computer to take care of something and glanced out the window for a second. I thought I saw three HUGE dogs walking down the street (which wouldn't have been a shock since we've seen lots of dogs loose in the area), but upon closer inspection, I realized it wasn't a pack of dogs, it was three PIGS!

I yelled to Jason to come look, grabbed my camera, and we headed outside to investigate. These random pigs had found their way to our front yard. Several neighbors were outside enjoying the show too! As they came closer, they started to use their snouts to dig at the base of our mailbox. Well that didn't suit Jason one bit! He shouted for me to grab a broom from the garage and proceeded to use it to shoo the pigs away. They wandered into the neighbor's yard, so Jason and two other men on the street used brooms and a bat to scare the pigs out of the yard. *Disclaimer: No pigs were injured in this process!*

The pigs scurried down the street at the threat of the brooms and we haven't seen them since (much to Reagan's disappointment!). Reagan woke up on Tuesday and immediately asked, "Mama, where pigs go?" 


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