Happy Birthday to one of my most favorite people! Brian and Jason have known each other since college, but in 2008, I met Maureen briefly at our wedding. We met again at her wedding the following summer, but it wasn't until we both found ourselves living in Eastern NC that we had an opportunity to actually hang out. Once we finally did, we became fast friends! 

Maureen is the most thoughtful person I know. She's beautiful, creative, a fabulous mother, and a loyal friend. We have watched as our babies have grown into toddlers, celebrating their birthdays together (of which she planned every amazing detail). She brought me into a fantastic playgroup that we are disappointed to be leaving. She has watched Reagan for us so many times I can't count them. And she and her family have opened their home to me when Jason was deployed. 

There are many reasons I'm looking forward to our upcoming move, but a handful that make me sad. Leaving Moe is one of those reasons. She has a wonderful outlook on life that makes you want to learn from her. 


Thank you for being you. It's cliche, but I truly mean it. You have been a wonderful friend, so generous and kind. You have handled difficult situations with the grace of a wise woman. I have no doubt you will welcome your second child with unmatched ease, continuing to smile the entire time. I will miss you and your family so much, but hope that our paths cross again in the near future!

Hope you have a fabulous birthday. You deserve nothing less.

Jennifer (and Weasel)


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