My Little Helper

As you know, I've started a small photography business during our last months in Jacksonville. Since I failed to update Reagan's paperwork at the CDC, she typically tags along for photo sessions. I bring the Bob jogging stroller, snacks, and juice, and she sits patiently while I take pictures for an hour. She's the best helper ever! On a recent shoot one Friday evening, Reagan was particularly good. At the end of the session, we wandered down to the marina to get some shots with the river in the background. I let Reagan out of the stroller to walk around while I took pictures. She worked her way into my camera bag and managed to find some lipgloss:

As you can see from the evidence above, she did her best to make herself "beautiful" with mommy's makeup:) Look at that face...I could hardly be mad! Plus, what on earth was I doing carrying around lipgloss in my camera bag?! (It has since been removed!)

Since Reagan was such a peach, I told her I would get her some ice cream at her favorite place, Dairy Queen, on the way home. And this is what I get for giving her a cone in the car:

With a face like that, who wouldn't love her?! Thanks Reagan for being so patient while Mommy tries to build her business. Love you!


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