Last Friday evening, Cindi hosted her Bunco group in Woodbridge. She invited me to join the ladies for the evening, and I jumped at the chance to be kid-free for a night (I love you Reagan, but even mommy needs a night off:). Rick was kind enough to drive up and assume toddler duty around 2 so I could avoid the awful southbound traffic. The handoff went well and by 2:30, I was en route to Mil's house.

The ladies weren't scheduled to arrive until 7:30, so we did a few errands, grabbed a snack from McDonald's, and caught up on an episode of Top Chef (where we both nearly decided that a nap was in order!). Luckily, we both caught a second wind and headed downstairs to do the final prep for Bunco.

Here's the beautiful appetizer Cindi made!

Gorgeous Christmas decor set up for the season (and the party!)

Cindi thought of everything - name tags for me since I didn't know everyone and numbers for the ornament exchange.

The setup 

Favors put together by Cindi for everyone! Reagan was thrilled to get her reindeer!

For the Christmas Bunco, everyone brings an appetizer (mix of sweet and savory) to share. The tables were LOADED with delicious treats. Here's just one of the four tables:

And here's my favorite appetizer - fried green beans with a wasabi dipping sauce!

After we completed 2 rounds of Bunco, everyone gathered in the living room. Typically this group plays for a cash prize, but every Christmas, they select a charity for a donation. This year they selected an organization that was especially close to the group as it related directly to one of their former members. It was quite a special donation.

Once the charity was discussed, they turned to business about future Bunco gatherings and made a few decisions. Then it was time for the ornament exchange! Everyone was instructed to bring an ornament (within a price range). When each person arrived, their box or gift bag was tagged with a number and set aside. At the end, everyone turned their cards over and matched their number to the ornaments. It was a lot of fun and great to see all the different choices! There was some mingling after, but everyone left around the same time. Cindi and I did a quick cleanup (ok, she did a LOT more than I did:), and then went to bed. 

All in all, it was a wonderful evening and I hope to be invited back for future events (hint, hint Mil!). 


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