Thanksgiving 2012 - Part 1

The day before Thanksgiving, Jason and I did a little bit of cooking in a desperate attempt to free up some kitchen space the following day. Jason prepped the turkey and I made a quinoa salad and butternut squash soup.

Cleaning and drying the bird

Creating a concoction to inject into the turkey

Because deep frying it isn't enough, we injected it with a beer/butter "sauce" first

I made the most simple butternut squash soup ever...

And then I poured it into the blender, forgot to remove the plug on top (to release steam)! It exploded EVERYWHERE! I had to wash every kitchen utensil we own...and the walls!

The temperature had been perfect on the day before Thanksgiving, and Thursday was boasting a high in the 60s, so we decided to keep the heat off in preparation for the crowd. Reagan wandered into our room around 5am with little ice cubes in place of her hands and feet! It was 53 degrees inside!!! No worries, we slept about another hour and then Jason went downstairs to build a beautiful fire.

Soon after, Papa and Uncle Kevin showed up to begin their preparations for the feast:

Papa cooked a GIANT turkey on the grill as usual, and made potato dressing.

Reagan helped Uncle Kevin with the gravy

Check these Brussels sprouts out! They are so much cooler on the stalk! And so much more tasty when shaved and cooked in bacon grease:)

Jason and Uncle Kevin spent the better part of an hour creating this:

Our turkey day timeline. It really is the only way to cook for a large group, ensure everything is hot when served, and no one is stepping on anyone else in the kitchen. 

Soon after, Uncle Geoffrey arrived. He did a great job of entertaining Reagan while everyone else cooked. Definitely the most important job! I love this picture of them!

Papa and Uncle Kevin prepared clams casino for an appetizer. I couldn't try any, but there wasn't a single one left, so I guess they were quite tasty!

Big & little chefs!

To go along with the deep fried turkey, Uncle Kevin made stuffing muffins!

Grandma and Daisy arrived a bit later with more delicious appetizers: spinach artichoke dip and caramelized onion dip! Both were yummy!

By this point, all parties had arrived - GG (Great Grandma Linda), MeeMaw & PeePaw (Great Grandma Isabel & Great Grandpa Ted) and we were enjoying delicious snacks and great conversation. I'll continue our Thanksgiving feast in a post tomorrow!


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