Rocknoceros At Potomac Mills

Last Wednesday night, I was on Twitter and a blog I follow tweeted that there was a free concert going on at Potomac Mills! I immediately texted Mil and asked her if she'd like to come along with Reagan and I to see the Rocknoceros in concert. She said, "Of course!" So on Thursday morning, we headed down to Woodbridge, switched the carseat into the van, and drove to the mall with Grandma & Papa.

As soon as we walked up to the event, we were handed reusable grocery bags, a book of coupons, and a raffle ticket. I signed Reagan up for a Kidgets Club program at the mall and she was given a chance to spin a wheel to win a prize!

Waiting in line to spin the wheel

She gave it a big spin and "won" a Strawberry Shortcake doll!

We wandered over to the spot Grandma scoped out near a picnic table, and Reagan and Papa found a seat on the floor among the mass of toddlers and their mothers. So cute that he wanted to sit with her!

The concert began and while Reagan seemed to somewhat enjoy the music, she was far more excited about the bubble gum flavored Italian ice that Grandma got for her!

The concert didn't hold her attention for long though, but that was ok, because just behind the stage was a small, indoor playground. She and Papa went to play and I snapped a couple pictures of her.

At this point, I had been smelling delicious soft pretzels (which I typically don't even like) and I couldn't take it anymore! I checked the coupon book and grabbed the "Buy 2, Get 1 Free" Auntie Anne's coupon and ordered some pretzels for us. Earlier in the program, Grandma called her friend, Tracy, and told her about the concert to see if she wanted to bring her granddaughter to the show. As we sat down with our pretzels, Tracy and Leila joined us.

The girls were a bit skeptical of each other:)

The concert finished and one of the ladies who was in charge of the event took the stage to announce the raffle winner. I ran over to hear the number and was bummed when I was just 2 numbers off. By chance (even though Grandma got her ticket just before me), I said, "Mil, what ticket do you have?!" She responded with the winning number and walked away with these earrings from Bailey, Banks & Biddle!!! Talk about a worthwhile (impromptu) trip to the mall!!

We decided to check out the line for Santa while we happened to be at the mall. Expecting a crowd, we were excited when the line only had one child waiting! (We were even more excited when all they did was talk to Santa and didn't even attempt a photo!) As we were waiting with Reagan, she started to tell us that she was scared. She said, "I no want to be afraid." It was seriously cute. Grandma and I walked her up to Santa very slowly and he was really nice to her. He asked her name, and she barely whispered it. He asked again, and she loudly exclaimed, "Reagan Weasel!" After a bit more conversation, she sat on his knee for a picture and even gave him a hug before leaving! All in all, a much better reaction than I expected. 


  1. What a fun outing...and great pics! I have never been able to get any of my kids to get close to Santa. The closest we ever got was about three from him and then neither girl would budge so they talked to him from there. haha Anyway, wanted to say Tag You're It! Check out my post to see what to do


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