Christmas Tree Shopping

In years past, the Goodale family has a tradition of Christmas tree chopping. As the children grew up and moved out, that tradition has somewhat fallen by the wayside. Uncle Kevin was prepared to revive the old ax in order to provide Reagan with a proper experience...but we decided to wait one more year so she can do some chopping too! Instead of chopping though, we went shopping!

In true Goodale fashion, we "tailgated" first. The initial plan was to visit a tree nursery several miles from our house; however, we ended up making a much better plan just hours before the event was set to take place. We decided that everyone should come to our house for drinks and snacks, and then we could load up a couple cars and drive 1/4 mile up the road to a nearby Methodist church to get our trees. What a great time we had...and I just love the hats!

Uncle Kevin, Reagan, GG, and Aunt Lisa showing off their hats!

Uncle Kevin, Terry, and Geoffrey

Reagan and Aunt Lisa in the midst of deep discussion:)

What a fabulous woman!

Everyone but Papa who was there but offered to take the pic!

Here's Papa!

After a great time around the firepit, we caravanned to the church lot to select our trees.

Reagan hitching a ride with Papa

How's this one mommy?!

Here's Jason explaining to GG that she really needs this tree, and with the right trimming, it could only be 4 feet:)

Our perfect tree!

Uncle Kevin and Aunt Lisa always pick different trees...this year Uncle Kev won!

Reagan and I warming our hands on the barrel fire

So serious!

Uncle Geoffrey finds the perfect tree for his new apartment. Too cool for the hat, the tree got a topper instead!

Loading her up!

Hey guys, can I ride up here too?!

We swung by the house to drop our tree off, said goodbye to Geoffrey (who amazingly fit his tree INSIDE his Scion), and headed to the Kimchi House for an early dinner. It may not have fulfilled the tradition in the exact definition, but I'd say this was a pretty good substitute!


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